This and that ...

Can you see my little friend up there in the tree?  He was CHEEEEEPing at me today as I worked in the yard.   I think it was a wren, but it's hard to say.  I couldn't see him any better than this photo.

He must have a nest near by because he was fussing at me.  I went away for a little while and left him in peace.  But it sure was a lovely sound.

We lost a male cardinal this week ... I'm so sad to report that he was the victim of one of our dogs.  I suspect it was our new hound girl (the chicken-killer).  Made me so sad to find him.  We specifically don't feed or put up houses for the birds in the back yard, but they often sweep across the back and fly really low to the ground.  And sometimes they just hang out in the bushes.  I know it's all part of the cycle of life, but I don't like it when my dogs contribute to it.  
And here's a two-fer for you:  My new Felco pruners, posing next to the two daffodil tips peeking up out of the ground -- already!  See them?  I LOVE the daffodils.  And though I didn't get a photo of it, I saw one tiny bloom on my Anacacho Orchid today.  Spring is just around the corner...or just under the mulch, as the case may be.

And since it worked for me last year, I actually PLANTED daffodils today and yesterday.  I got two dozen into the ground in various spots.  When I did it in January last year with bulbs I had forgotten about, they all came up, so, since now is when I have the time to plant them, now is when they are going in the ground.  

With our bizarre weather these days, I don't think any of the conventional rules apply, anyway!

It was 80 today - but it's supposed to be in the 50's tomorrow.  Summer today, winter tomorrow.  Hey - I'm just happy to have had a little break with sunshine.

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