Oooooh - little sprouts!

Not just a repository for overwintering the myriad of pots and plants that I gathered last year in the Spring, the greenhouse is also a place to start some new plants early.

Kallie helped me plant some seeds a few weeks ago, and lo and behold, we have some basil sprouts coming up and 1 tomato plant.

I keep them on the ground down close to the heater, so their soil can stay warm, and it seems to have worked.  Now I'll have to go through all my  seed packets and see what else I can sow.  
I have several Heirloom tomato seed packets from Tomato Bob that I ordered online.  Can't wait to see if I can get some of them to grow and start them in the ground as nice plants by the time I can put them outside.

Wish me luck (I think you know that I am officially seed challenged!).

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