Oh, what a beautiful day ...

After months of making hors de oeuvres and preparing for birthdays and holidays and company and a whole New Year, today was the perfect day to get back into the garden.

Kallie and I spent the afternoon in the sunshine -- it was 78 here -- and got some work done.  In between playing with dogs, bike riding, writing and painting with watercolors, she helped me plant some seeds.

I planted a row of radishes in the veggie garden, and she planted a Big Boy tomato, some Genovese Basil and some Sweet California Wonder bell peppers in little pots to go into the greenhouse for an early start.  We're crossing our fingers...
I also planted some orange ditch lilies that were a gift from Lori at The Gardener of Good and Evil.
And then I planted a fistful of Larkspur seeds that were generously given to me by MSS of Zanthan Gardens.
And I planted what I think are Crinum Lilies, given to me by one of my dear blogging friends on our adventure to Peckerwood, but now I can't remember who shared them with me.  Help - if you are my generous friend, please take pity on my poor memory and let me know and remind me what kind they are.  (I have a terrible memory...it's a wonder I can garden at all sometimes!)
All in all, a very good day!

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