January organizing and planning...

Taking advantage of the 75-degree sunshine today while my sick six-year-old took a nap, I snuck out to the greenhouse to inhale some fresh air.

This is day #2 stuck in the cave while she's getting over a stomach bug that hit Saturday night.  And, today, I think the cedar allergies were giving her a headache, so going outside was, well, out.

So I grabbed my gloves and seeds and some seed starting soil and my nifty label maker and off I went for a quick reprieve.  I planted:

Heirloom Tomatoes (from Tomato Bob's Heirloom Tomatoes):
And I took my handy-dandy label maker to label the pots.   (It was given to me by my DH for my birthday a few years ago -- he thought I was crazy when I told him that's what I wanted.)  But I love it - and use it on file folders, frozen food, you name it.  It helps keep me organized.

And the notebook below (isn't it pretty?) is my other organizing tool for the garden - while I love this blog, I need something that is on paper.  Hard copy.  Tactile.  Something I can touch and feel and hold and write on and erase and in which I collect information.  I love this notebook.  I made sections for each bed and put all the plant lists in it.  Then I add to it when I buy plants.  (sometimes!)  And this week I put tabs in for each bed so that I can find them easily.  It's great to be able to search my blog, but if I am looking for the name of a plant, which I often am, I can't very well search for it, can I?  So, this helps me keep on top of things.  

I am what I call a binge and purge organizer.  This includes the garden.  Sometimes I have it all planned out and on paper and I keep track of things, and then at other times, my planting style is exactly what Pam at Digging described today as plop-a-plant!  You have to go read her post.  It made me laugh out loud.

While I was out there, the towering dead tomato plants were taunting me...look for them to show up here sometime this week!