Icy wonderland and dead buds...

Well, we got lucky today. We missed the ice storm for the most part. Roads were pretty dry this morning, and so even though it was 28 degrees, it was safe. That's the good part.

Now for the bad part.

I don't mind winter.  It's just a problem here because we had summer last week.  With our see-saw of temperatures - 82 on Friday and 35 yesterday -- our plants get discombobulated.

And, so, many things are budding and blooming and thinking, 

"Hey, this is nice -- lookit that sun -- shining on me.  I think I will grow some tender shoot/sprouts/buds/leaves...Ahhhhhhh."

Then the next week Mother Nature comes along with an icy winter storm and smacks them upside the head.  It IS winter, after all.

Sigh.  So, I think the things I covered are fine, and the perennials will all be fine, it's just hard on them to go back and forth like that.  But I know that those lemon buds are goners -- and our lemon production suffered a serious set-back.

Much of the rest of the nation is snowed/iced in or without power, so we're really lucky here to be safe and heated.  

We'll just make lemonade later in the year...

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