Friday, December 26, 2008

Thank you Santa!

Look who Santa helped me catch on film! Santa brought me a wild game camera that my husband strapped to a tree out in our wild area and I got pictures of this nice buck coming for Christmas dinner at our house.
You can see from the tag that it was 76 degrees and he came to eat at 5:12 in the evening. He had a nice dinner of some corn and sunflower seeds that I put out along with some water in a big dog bowl.

Isn't it cool?

My sweet husband, I mean, Santa, is always looking out for me -- finding new and fun toys for me to use in my blogging.

Thanks, Santa~


Thanks For 2 Day said...

What a wonderful Christmas present! You will have so much fun viewing all of the interesting wildlife that comes. Merry Christmas! Jan

Robin's Nesting Place said...

What a great gift! I was wondering though if "Santa" left one of his reindeer behind.

It'll be fun to see what shows up!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

That Deer Santa. I mean Dear Santa. You must have been a very good girl.

Gail said...

Dear Diana,

You have a good and generous heart! The camera is going to be so much fun for your family! Gail

Diana said...

Thanks - Thanks for 2 Day - it will be lots of fun to know when they are there and who comes by.

Robin - he looks like he could fit right in, doesn't he? Happy Holidays.

Santa is dear, Lisa. I'm not sure I was so good, but Santa is mighty forgiving.

Gail - I was just visiting your blog and reading your away post, resposted. I love reading that one, too. And I agree, the garden brings peace. (And sometimes just a smidge of agitation!!) Have a wonderful visit in the 70 degrees. We were almost to 80 today, but it's cold and rainy tomorrow.

Annie in Austin said...

With all the wildlife in your area that's a perfect gift, Diana - and having the temperature included in the info makes it even better. Sure hope the rest of your holidays are fun, too.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Scott said...

That's a great gift. I could use one to monitor our squirrels and make sure they are eating with our lack of acorns this year.

Tell Santa to keep up the good work. :)

Lori said...

Oooh, what a sweet gift! Now I want one for myself so I can figure out what mystery animal is tearing my back yard apart under the cover of night! :D

getgrounded said...

Diana, This is WAY cool! I love that big buck, what fun. What other critters have you continued to see? I would so enjoy something like that, what a creative man you have. Post more!