Sunny Sunday

It was a beautiful day yesterday, and amid watching 3 kids (they were on the playscape totally entertaining themselves for 3 hours!), I got a LOT done in the garden.

First, I amended the soil with compost and planted two rows of lettuce - some sweet Mesclun mix and another Green leaf, and a nice clump of Cilantro.

The strawberries are growing like crazy - that's what's covering the ground on that whole corner of the bed and flowing out into the path.  See the 1 little orange Nasturtium bloom on the left?
So sad.  My basil tree succumbed to winds this week and split and broke.  I cut off some stems, but these are still alive, so I will leave them until I can have a mega-pesto making day.  Pesto anyone?  We're not such big fans, so I'd be happy to share!
And here I planted 3 leeks and some parsley.

With the weather in the pleasant range, it's so much nicer to be in the garden, even if I am pulling up grass and weeds!

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