Monday, November 10, 2008

Sunny Sunday

It was a beautiful day yesterday, and amid watching 3 kids (they were on the playscape totally entertaining themselves for 3 hours!), I got a LOT done in the garden.

First, I amended the soil with compost and planted two rows of lettuce - some sweet Mesclun mix and another Green leaf, and a nice clump of Cilantro.

The strawberries are growing like crazy - that's what's covering the ground on that whole corner of the bed and flowing out into the path.  See the 1 little orange Nasturtium bloom on the left?
So sad.  My basil tree succumbed to winds this week and split and broke.  I cut off some stems, but these are still alive, so I will leave them until I can have a mega-pesto making day.  Pesto anyone?  We're not such big fans, so I'd be happy to share!
And here I planted 3 leeks and some parsley.

With the weather in the pleasant range, it's so much nicer to be in the garden, even if I am pulling up grass and weeds!


Gail said...

A pleasant day in your garden! I have taken time off and need to get back out there...leaves are everywhere! Always something, right! Have a good week!


Libby at Aurora Primavera said...

The greenhouse looks awesome! This wind is driving me and my plants nuts. All my roses have little broken necks. Grrr.

Diana said...

Gail - We have a gazillion leaves now, too. Gusty 35 mph winds for 2 days as our first real front of the season blows in.

Libby - Poor roses. I haven't looked at mine. I'm glad you alerted me - I will go check on them tomorrow. Will they survive if it freezes?