Full for the Freeze...or, I blew bloom day!

Okay, everyone is inside, all cozy and getting heated up for the impending freeze tonight.

Yes, you read right, Central Texas has a freeze warning for tonight.  In the city, we are expecting a low of 37, but the surrounding areas will be colder.

Even though we have been unseasonably warm this fall -- (all year, really), this is very early for the threat of a freeze.

In anticipation, though, I loaded up the greenhouse and my DH put a fancy, new-fangled thermometer with a humidity reading on it that I can see from inside the house.  How cool is that?

Then, instead of taking pictures for Bloom Day like I was supposed to (Sorry Carol, I'm skipping this one), I was picking an amazing crop of tomatoes and lemons.  I picked 65, YES, 65 red tomatoes.  I left countless green ones on the plants.  Since I don't really think it will freeze, I'm taking the chance.  But the reds were really almost all ready, so I'll have to find something to do with them anyway!
Then I went around the corner and crawled carefully under the Lemon tree (because there are lethal 1-inch thorns all over it).  I picked 30 lemons from my Citrus limon variegated.  I only picked the really big ones, and again, left countless littler ones in the hope it won't really freeze.
Don't blink and think you've been reading blogs too long, the next photo is out of focus.  (I was too lazy to get my DH's good camera when mine didn't fully focus where I wanted it to.)

Can you tell what I am photographing?  It's my token bloom in honor of Garden Bloggers Bloom Day -- yes, I have blooms all over my lemon tree!  
Our plants are so confused.  I guess tonight might set them straight.  

Ironically, yesterday as I was putting some plant into the greenhouse, it was 85 hot and sunny degrees outside.  Even with the 4 roof windows open and the doors open and the fan/vent running, it was 110 inside the greenhouse!

Yep.  So it isn't going to be the cold that gets me -- I'm just praying it stays under 75 until sometime in the Spring!  What an odd wish that must seem for those of you in parts north of here.  

Happy Fall!

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