Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Are my deer sheepish?

Well, well, well.  What have we here?

Does this look like the remnants of a little rutting going on in my front yard on MY MAGNOLIA TREE???

(Can you tell I'm annoyed?)

Of course, it's the girls that I'm feeding, and this was the handiwork of the young boys the other night when it was very cold out.

Unfortunately, this means that my Magnolia, should  it live to a nice, ripe age, will simply not have those full, traditional low branches that we love in the structure of the Magnolia.  Mine will look like an fruit tree, instead!  

Oh well.  

Okay, Carol, I'm "embracing" my bucks!


Pam/Digging said...

Frustrating! If you can learn to embrace them, maybe I can too, Diana.

But I doubt it.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

As much as I like nature I would be hard put to 'embrace' a rutting deer. Hopefully your magnolia will recover from its being "embraced" by the deer.

Diana said...

Well, Pam, there's not another darn thing you can do about them, so I just got tired of beating my head against the fence!

Lisa - I think the tree will be fine, it's just lost it's shape. Guess I should have put fencing around it, but then I hate to do that, too! Can't win -- I just have to remember that I'm not in charge!

Gail said...

Oh, well....and embracing them is a good philosophy, Diana!

Diana said...

Gail - beats beating my head on the fence! And let's face it - they are just smarter than I am!

Carol said...

Yes, if it weren't for the damage they do in our gardens, we would love it when wildlife visit our gardens!

Thanks for the link!

Carol, May Dreams Gardens

Diana said...

Carol - I know -I was thinking of your bunny infestation when I was writing that!

Layanee said...

Two words, 'Liquid Fence'! You've got to teach them a lesson. I absolutely love your new greenhouse and when is that party? won't even know that there is one more guest there!

Diana said...

Layanee - yes, I know about liquid fence and man is it stinky! But they hadn't touched the tree for a year, so I got caught by surprise. They're tricky that way! The party is Dec. 13th from 4-7 -- come on over! The more the merrier ;-)

Karla at The Garden Guide said...

Sorry about your magnolia. Amazingly enough we don't have a deer problem on our property. I saw one last weekend and that was only the 2nd this year.

How exciting to have a greenhouse! I've been dreaming of one for years now. I am so happy for you!

Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

Well that stinks. My friend's magnolia had the top blown out of it by a high wind. She now calls it her Charlie Brown magnolia.

Annie in Austin said...

Oh, those teenage boy deer,always showing off for each other!
I hope your tree is okay, Diana - at the last house we lost a Black Pine, a red oak and a couple of small live oaks during rutting season and if we hadn't fenced the Redbud and crepe myrtle they would have been gone, too.

Embracing deer was something I never learned to do!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Diana said...

Karla - Thanks. We have them almost every night through the yard. They're normally not too destructive and I try not to plant things they like. Tonight I fed them some celery and tomato bits that weren't edible for us...It's amazing what they eat.

Debbi - A Charlie Brown Magnolia - that's a hoot. My neighbors a few blocks away just let theirs die in the heat and it has a totally dead trunk and a little bundle of green leaves on the ground. I am always tempted to tell them to top it and cut that new growth to encourage top growth, but it's not my yard.

Annie - teenage boys - that's what they are, isn't it?! And they sure act like it. Luckily our other trees are too big for them to mess with. I'm not really embracing them, it just makes for good blog copy!