So my Wednesday job was to get all 18 of those plants into the ground before a little surgery on Thursday put me out of gardening commission for a while.

My boots and shovel got a good workout, but it was nice to have a bed to work in, where all the soil was reasonably diggable (is that a word?!).

Unfortunately, once I got everything in the ground, I discovered that the sprinkler back there had been broken digging out the giant Primrose Jasmine, so then I had to water it all by hand.

As you can see, the black elephant ears were not happy about the lack of moisture.

Dakota and Tanner were big helpers all day.  Although I did tell Dakota that since she was digging giant holes in the empty bed -- she really should be the one to dig the holes for my plants as restitution.  She didn't respond.  Dogs.
Tanner found himself a nice shady spot below the bed from which to observe.  Doesn't he look content there?  How can they be so happy watching me sweat?

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