True love...

This is what my pretty new bed looks like now that my dear husband spread all my mulch for me while I was lying in my bed this weekend recuperating.

Not only did he take care of kids and dogs and housekeeping and shopping and cooking, he gardened for me, too. He spread 6 bags of mulch and he pulled mutant malabar spinach and swiss chard and fed the deer, and then he planted new lettuce plants in their place. Lettuce plants I didn't have time to get in before the surgery and would have just let die in the garage until I was up to gardening again.

I'm pretty darn lucky. I got fed great homemade food and pampered and got to check things off my list without even lifting a foot out of bed!

Here is a lousy picture of my new blooming rose, Maggie. It's a couple of days old, so it's sad, but I'm too proud of it not to post it! It might not hold up against all the beautiful photo-shopped professional quality pictures of bloggers who raise dozens of roses, but it makes me happy, so here it is!
And this is my first bloom on my Desert Rose. Which is odd, because it normally blooms all summer, but I moved it and that clearly wasn't the right thing to do!

On the reovery front, thanks for all the good wishes. And thank goodness for laparopscopic surgery. I'm almost back to normal today with much less discomfort and only one nap! Might be gardening by next week, even!

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