Thursday, October 16, 2008

Three's company around here for a while!

Sorry I missed bloom day yesterday, but I figure I get a pass on this one!  Besides, I have other little blooms at my house today!

Mom and Dad's dog, Toby, (the tiny Chihuahua in the first photo) came to our house this morning for an extended five-day stay.

He's their newly-adopted boy - he's only been with them since August, and this is the first time they've taken a trip.  It's also the first time our newly August-adopted girl, Dakota, has had company at her house.  Whew.  So many new things!

Toby looked a little nervous riding in the car with me -- but my husband would say that's because of my driving - HA!

But Toby settled right in with our two, Dakota and Tanner.  In spite of his being size-challenged (compared to our bubbies), he holds his own.  And, much to my dismay, he and Dakota (who's the younger of our tw at 5) really want to romp around the house together.  I had to step in and tell them that wasn't going to happen, and they seem ok with that.  Besides the obvious house-protecting instinct, it doesn't seem like fair play when she outweighs him by 50 pounds!

Since I'm still taking it easy, it will be good to be here with them all day to keep an eye on them in case I need to play traffic cop, but I think they are quite content...don't you?

Here's a challenge - someone had "cat day" last week on our garden blogs -- why don't we have "doggie day" and everyone can post their pooch pics and link back to me.  I love looking at your dogs, (and cats) and therefore assume everyone loves to look at my dogs!


GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Dianna .. I think it is only fair that the 'dog people" have their day too !
Even though I am a cat person .. I don't mind dogs at all .. especially cute stories like this one : )

Annie in Austin said...

No dogs or cats here so I won't play your meme, Diana but your husband's comment reminded me that I was in a car following you from one Spring Fling locale to another....he might not be totally wrong ;-)

Have fun with the pups!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

What a handsome pack of dogs Diana. We dogsit forVinnie, our friends dog. Vinnie is small while Luna is big. They romp and wrestle too. It is our evening entertainment when Vinnie is here.

Diana said...

GardenJoy- that's right, it's only fair since they "help" us garden, too. Like digging holes where I don't want them and destroying my plants!

Annie - HA! Whose side are you on?!! I will tell him that, it will make him LOL!

Lisa - Doesn't Vinnie have a thing for squirrels? I know I've seen pictures of him at the back door staring out into your yard. Babysitting is just so much fun! This one get so excited he pees on the floor sometimes - lovely! But we love 'em and can't live without 'em, can we?

Gail said...


Yes the doggie folks need to share their babies! Now you must find a dog person to help you spread the word! I am owned by a cat!


Layanee said...

Sounds like a fun post. Doggie pictures! Aren't you tired of seeing Tucker? He loves to pose!

Diana said...

Gail - yes, we feel left out when all the cats come out to play, too!

Layanee - So Tucker is really a ham! Mine just like to get up and leave right when I have a good shot! Or lick themselves!