Run, take cover, wet stuff is coming from the sky!

Honestly, I didn't think it was EVER going to rain again here in Austin.  It's been such a long, hot-hot drought this summer.  Even worse than usual.

But today, after grey skies all day, it finally opened up and showered down upon us.  We got a quarter of an inch in about 20 minutes, and the forecast is calling for a 70% chance of rain tomorrow, as well.  And boy, do we need it.
When it was raining hard, I just had to get a shot of the rain gauge.  We ended at .24 before the sun came back out and the rain stopped.
And then I set about plating some dinner from the yummy casseroles that my dear husband made for us this weekend while I was in bed.  Being that it was a few minutes before 5:00, both dogs had taken their posts in front of the stove to make sure not to miss a stray morsel -- and to remind me that it was time for THEM to be fed.  They start lobbying at about 4:30 and are relentless.

So, the good news is that I don't have to water pots or birdbaths or deer water bowls now.   And maybe if you all cross your fingers, I won't have to do it tomorrow, either!

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