Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Yumm-O as Rachel Ray would say!  Tomatoes are a'comin' on the vine.  These cooler evening temps helped the blooms set and now they are growing like mad, hoping to beat the first frost.  Here that's normally not until early December, but we've had unseasonably cold temps at night this week - into the 40s at my house, so they'd better grow quickly!
They are pretty tasty -- not quite as sweet as last year's but we are enjoying them.

See that little clump of green near the middle of the photo?  That is the LAST of the Malabar spinach -- my DH and I cut off all the vines threatening to take over our garden and our house.  We fed them to the appreciative deer and they will get that last clump tonight for dinner.  Then it will be done!  Whew!  


Gail said...

Diana, You have been a generous gardener to the deer...they will miss their daily meal.

I am going to take the daily challenge...thank you for having it up on your sidebar!


Lancashire rose said...

Lucky you with red tomatoes. I have loads of green ones but I don't think they have time to ripen.

Diana said...

Gail - well, Ms. Lancashire Rose made a good comment early summer when I was whining about deer eating my plants when she noted that there isn't much for them to eat in the wild since we have had no rain to grow new greens for them. So, I changed my tune. Last night I fed them wilted lettuce from my crisper and some leftover apple slices from soccer!

Lancashire Rose - See how you inspired me above! I'm hoping they ripen QUICKLY!!!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

We had our first frost last night. No more mater munching for us.

Diana said...

Lisa - I'm so sorry. you have my sympathies. Is this a little early for you guys? Seems early, but I know my MIL said there was a possibility of flurries in the forecast for Monday. Crazy! So, are you in mourning, or are you "embracing" it as Carol would say?

Annie in Austin said...

Those tomatoes look great, Diana and I'm jealous. Mine are doing nothing but if the frost holds off we should get a few peppers.

Maybe you should express your generous attitude toward the creatures of the forest by dressing up as Snow White for Halloween ;-]

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Diana said...

Annie - Well, these were my Spring tomatoes that I cleaned up and left in. My newly planted ones are not going to do anything at all! Snow White - that made me LOL!!!! Pretty funny, you!

Lori said...

I'm so envious! So far I have one tiny little green cherry tomato on one of my tomato plants, and that is IT. I'll probably try to keep them alive all winter on the covered deck and see if I can get some spring tomatoes for once.

*crosses fingers*