I am NOT in charge!

See that pretty little yellow bloom? That's a Mexican Mint Marigold. Just started blooming yesterday.

It's pretty and the next photo shows you that it will soon be full of bright blooms.

BUT. (There's always a but, isn't there?) I planted these 3 little plants last summer when we put in this bed. The purpose of the bed was to provide a place for lots of colorful vines to cover the fence. This picture below is what it looked like last September -- everything behaving according to PLAN. See the beautiful orange Mexican Flame Vine behind the little Marigolds? Nice, isn't it?

Well, this is how it looks now. NO Flame vine, spindly leftover morning glories. All thanks to the thirsty, overgrown, block the sprinkler Marigolds who have hogged the bed.

So, after they bloom - OUT they come, to be replaced in the Spring by something much lower and slower growing so that the Flame Vine - which is still there, but just 6 leaves at the base of the plant - can reach up to the sky along the fence. I don't know WHERE they are going, mind you, but they ARE going. I will have things according to plan, I will, I will!

And here are some signs of our cool 55 degree night last night. The Plumeria is not happy about those cool, damp temps -- see the yellowing leaves inside there?

It's a desperate cry for the Greenhouse to get here soon!

12 days 'til Greenhouse Day!

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