Friday, October 17, 2008

The gang's all here...

Well, this shot's much better than the one of them all sniffing their butts!

There's peace in our house.  Mayhem, but peace.  Toby still pees every time I touch him so he's getting his loving from Kallie right now!  And we've developed a plan to get him straight out back when I get home so any accidents happen outside (mostly!)

Look at those plaintive eyes.  Isn't he cute?
And they are all vying for Kallie's attention, which she is happy to share with all of them, each in their own turn.

Tonight we are going with my Dear Husband and are going to walk them all!  That should be something to see.  I think we'll each take one dog.  That should make it easier.  When Kallie was a baby and I babysat their previous precious dog, Schatzi, I walked all 3 dogs AND pushed a stroller.  THAT was a sight.  I'm not quite up to that kind of excursion yet.  
Our inch of rain made my Epiphyllum so happy that it bloomed yesterday!  I can't quite get good shots of them.  And they wilt and hang down almost as soon as they open because they are so heavy.  


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your pack is cute Diana. I am glad to hear that you feel well enough to walk the dogs. If Luna would let me take pictures of her without her trying to hide I would post some pictures of her. I have very few becasue she hates to have her picture taken.

Diana said...

Lisa - that's funny. I never thought about a dog not wanting its picture taken -- mine certainly aren't always cooperative, that's for sure. It's nice when we catch a glimpse of Luna in the background though -- kind of like a hidden treat or some little garden surprise!