Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fall harvest ... ripe and ready

This is the tale of the tomatoes that just wouldn't die.

This Spring, it got into the 100's not long after the tomato plants went into the ground.  Much too hot at night for blooms to set.  

I tried some of that bloom set spray and I got some tomatoes, but a pretty meager crop.  A tomato here, a tomato there.  Sometimes a few tomatoes - enough for a fresh tomato salad.  But they were random.  Not very sweet, some were mealy...just not much to blog home about.

After our 40+ days of 100+ degrees, the tomato plants were crispy and crinkl-y and ugly.  For some reason, I cleaned them up, plucked off all the dead, brown leaves and tried to cheer them up for the coming Fall.

Now we've had some cool nights and some 85 degree days.  The plants are 8-10 feet tall - leggy on the bottom but lush and full of fruit on the top.  And they taste pretty good.  Not our best, but tasty.  All of a sudden, I am having cravings for turkey, cheese and tomato sandwiches -- my favorite.  And we're having slices on a plate with kosher salt, or with cottage cheese.  

It's almost like the beginning of Summer!


Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

Diana, mine did the same thing except I only got about two tomatoes before 100's hit. Now they are covered with more than 100 green tomatoes. It'll probably freeze here in north Texas before we get more than a few ripe ones. There will be a bowl of green tomatoes on the table for a few weeks. Big sigh.

Diana said...

Deb - about 8-9 years ago I had a similar situation - 4 tomato plants went NUTS in the Fall and I picked over 200 green tomatoes before our first November freeze. I window-ripened them and stewed most of them. What a hoot it was though! All I can say is, eat tomatoes, FAST!

Frances said...

Hi Diana, how nice to have tomaotes at this time of year, a real treat. That sandwich sounds perfect too. We have a couple of green ones hanging on, I can't bear to pick them with hopes they will still begin to turn on their own. It wasn't that long ago, it seems that we were awash in tomatoes, making and freezing lots of sauce, but nothing beats the fresh ones. Enjoy!

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