Well, the wonder guys came and did my big project work yesterday and boy did I (rather, we) clear out some stuff! It's hard to tell, but now there is nothing behind the pool wall until you get to the line of cedars outside our fence. There used to be huge overgrown vines encroaching on the wall and covering up the Hibiscus pots. I dug around and found an old before picture to give you some perspective -- two or three years ago I planted two primrose jasmines on either side of the back of the pool.  And they grew into monsters!  

Can you see the HUGE vines behind the 3 pots and how tall they were?  And they went all the way across to the other side of the pool.  

So this is all the space I've opened up.  And I'm really excited about it because I've come to realize lately that many of my garden beds are becoming shadier.  Which is hard for me because I haven't historically been a shade gardener.

The is the new bed out behind the wrought iron fence that I meant to put in last Spring and instead I let the heat beat me down.  So, on the left side is a variegated Agave that is a passalong plant from my neighbor that has a big agave collection.  The lovely pot is flanked by two trailing Lantanas. There are three pink Skullcaps in the front, three little Blackfoot Daisies on the right in front of a Sago Palm, and there are also three Feather Grasses scattered about.  In the pot, I have a toothless Texas Sotol.  I also plan to put in some Aloe pups that were given to me by Pam at Digging

This is the back corner bed where I had them pull out the three Viburnums.  They were just taking over the bed and I wanted some more room to plant other things, so I passed them along to Robin, at Getting Grounded, where she has given them a good and loving home.  
This is what they hauled out of here!!!  Plus a truck bed full of stuff and the 3 Viburnum that went to Robin's.
And, besides the empty spaces and clean beds, they left me 350 pounds (yes, 350 pounds!) of crushed granite for me to refresh my pathway because every time I weed I throw about granite bits.  And since I can't carry all that, they put it in buckets for me all along the path so I can put it out as I weed. So, now I have another job to do!

Whew, I'm tired just looking at all that!

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