Sunday, Sunday...

Well, after shopping at a new local nursery, buying plants and planting them (3 little Mums, 3 Texas Betony, 3 Mexican Oregano, and 1 Zexmenia), I finally gave in and started weeding.

It is such a chore in most of the beds, but the rock and crushed granite path is just the worst.  (Did that sound like whining?!)  I wet it down and settled in on my little plastic stool (see left) and filled an entire plastic tub (my favorite gardening item) of weeds and grass that have invaded my pathway.

It was a nice day, maybe 90, but overcast for part of the afternoon and a little breezy, so it was most pleasant to be out there.  

My back was talking to me this morning, but I ventured back out there for 2 more hours until the heat and hunger got to me.  One or two more sessions and I should make it to the end.  (Then I can start all over again, right?!!)
My DH washed the dogs and they enjoyed drying off in the sunshine.  Dakota dried quickly, but Tanner takes a while and kind of looks like Cujo when he's wet!
And then just an hour later, I discovered that Tanner had ditched his collar somewhere in the yard.  And I learned a very valuable lesson after searching twice through the whole yard -- peering in the bushes and all:  Don't buy a GREEN dog collar!

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