Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Sometimes our plants are just sneaky.  This is my Saucer Hibiscus, foolishly planted in the front walkway bed, where the deer and the antelope play!  (Just kidding - but only about the antelope part!)

I periodically walk out front to find that all the new buds have been stolen and all that I have left are green stems, hastily chomped off in the search for a tasty green entree.

But today, my hibiscus was sneaky.  Somehow, she evaded those does, and burst forth with a bloom unequalled anywhere in my garden.  The sheer size of these just makes me shake my head in awe.  They are just stunning.  And even though they are few and far between, I love seeing them there, towering above the Lantana and the Euonymous and the Skullcap.
The Indigo Spires are very happy in the back yard - full of tall purple...well... spires!

And then, of course, are the reliable Crepe Myrtles with all their beautiful colors.  
Surprisingly, this exotic little bloom is a Morning Glory.
This trio is white Echinacea.
I realized that I totally ignore this Buddleia, because the deep purple color on my other two is just so amazing.  But this bush is tall and hearty and very pretty in its own right.
In spite of its strong aroma, the society garlics are all in bloom, though most of mine are lavender.
And this is a close-up of the Plumeria bloom.  Can't you just smell it?  There, put your nose right up next to the monitor there...smell?   

We know what's blooming all over -- what smells good in YOUR garden today?


Lisa at Greenbow said...

I am so glad you got a bloom on your hibiscus Diane. Maybe the severe pruning the deer did made it want to show them that it can carry on.

I have Society Garlic in my garden too. Autumn Clematis is what smells in my garden right now. However nothing is too fragrant because we are in a drought now. I am hoping that one of these hurricanes will push some rain into our area. It hasn't happened yet.

That last bloom you posted, I am not familiar with. Even though I cna't smell it I can sure admire its beauty.

Gail said...

I am running around in the garden (in my head, cause it's lat) trying to find bloom! If only the moon flower vine had flowered. I can bump up against the monarda! I must plant some good smelling plants!


Diana said...

Lisa - I think that's right - we have a radio garden show host who swears by taking a garden hose to a fussy plant to "scare" it into behaving! I'd love to smell your Clematis - can you believe I have never had one. Next year...The last bloom, Plumeria, is the tropical flower from which they make Leis in Hawaii - it's a stick that grows into a tree and goes dormant in the garage over winter.

Gail - I can't imagine you not having everything in your beautiful garden! And that post - every blogger on the planet has commented on your wonderful post. How exciting for you - I have had so much fun reading them all -- great job!

Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

Diana, Your plants look great. The four varieties of hardy hibiscus in our garden have put on a show for us all summer. They are my very favorite flowers. Your's is lovely.

Annie in Austin said...

My plumeria are blooming, too, Diana but my red Texas Star hibiscus is a total no-show... and we don't have deer here. Good for you and that big red flower!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Diana said...

Debbi - I just love that huge bloom. I guess I have 3 different kinds - one is variegated. And I have one pot leftover from last year that got forgotten about in our woody garden and I found the deer eating it to the bones last week! Maybe if I feed them some plants they'll leave the others alone!

Annie - What color blooms does your plumeria have? I'd love to have a pink one, but the pink "stick" I bought at the Zilker Gardenfest died, so I'm sad.

Annie in Austin said...

Diana, one of my plumerias is pale yellow like yours. The other is a deep rose. Both were started from sticks - the yellow one from Zilkerfest and the rose-red one from a gardener who was pruning her tree.
If I prune mine I'll save you a stick.


Diana said...

Annie - that'd be great - thanks for the offer!

dinzie said...

Great pictures ... They really help to set the scene :O)