Friday, September 12, 2008

Hurricane Horizon

It's coming. Ike is going to hit landfall just south of us during the night tonight.

We're about 3 or so hours from the coast and 2-1/2 hours from Houston, so we'll be fine.

We are mercifully far from its real path, but nonetheless, since we are a major evacuee shelter area, out schools closed early today to get people off the roadways when so many are coming here and people were gathering provisions in case of a big storm or heavy winds.

Many of our friends and neighbors are sheltering their family members among the 1 million who have fled this natural disaster.

We've been weather-watching for days. We are southwest of Austin, and are only forecasted to get 1/4 inch to 2 inches of rain. But because we live on a mountain/hillside, we always have heavy winds and that, I suspect, will be where we see the brunt of this.

So, this morning, I set about bringing all my plants up onto the back patio area where it's sheltered and I pushed all the patio furniture against the wall of the cabana. I'm a little worried about my tall, lanky plants, like the Cassia and the new Ancocha Orchid tree.

The clouds were forming, but they may just breeze on by us. These were taken before dinner and now there are none and no rain dropped out of these, in spite of being full of it!

My fingers are also crossed for my DH who is scheduled to fly home on Sunday. He already changed his connection from Houston (which will definitely be down) to Dallas, but the land path projected for the storm will likely make for a bumpy flight as he'll be flying right toward it. He flies all the time and it won't bother him, so that's good. (I, on the other hand, would have postponed my departure to ensure avoiding that lumpy/bumpy plane ride!)

We're going to keep our neighbors to the south along the coast in our prayers tonight and hope they've all gotten to safety.


Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

Hope you don't get hit too hard. We are getting ready and taking supplies to a local church were evacuees are staying.

Jan said...

I hope everything turns out fine for you. Here in southeast Louisiana, we had some pretty strong tropical storm winds all Friday from Ike. Take care.

Always Growing

Lisa at Greenbow said...

It looks like you are prepared Diana. Good luck. Those winds can be very shifty and cause havoc. That sky looks angry. Like a bad mood gathering.

Diana said...

Debbi - Still nothing but a little wind here. But most activities around town are cancelled today.

Jan - I'm sure you were worried watching that come in after the last set of storms. Glad you're ok.

Lisa - A bad mood - that's just what it is. I hear you are going to get some more rain out of it. My DH is in Indy right now for the international belgian draft horse show and comes home tomorrow.

Gail said...

How's it going today? Has the rain and wind hit your area! My fingers are crossed that you and everyone we know in TX is safe,


Frances, said...

We will be sending good and safe thoughts your way.