Sunday, September 14, 2008

Back to the grindstone

All the preparation and worry is over -- hurricane Ike sent us a little wind yesterday, but not much else. So, today it's back to the grindstone -- putting all the plants back, along with the patio furniture and "stuff" I put away just in case things would be whipping around.

And then it's on to pulling WEEDS. Ugh. They have gotten ahead of me and I just can't squat fast enough to get them back under control. That's what happens when you go on a long vacation.

Look - look! This is from one of the Sago Palm seeds I harvested from my neighbor's female plant! I can't believe it is actually growing! I'll probably be dead before it's big enough to put into the landscape, but I'm very excited at this little success. I started by soaking the seeds back in February.

And this is the night bloom from an exotic plant that I got at the Zilker Gardenfest. I can't remember the name of it -- anyone know? It has long leaves that are like tongues - and very flat. Help?


Carol said...

Your bloom looks like my night-blooming cereus. Epiphyllum oxypetalum is what I think mine is.

Hopefully you actually saw the bloom the night before!

Carol, May Dreams Gardens

Diana said...

Carol - yes, of course that's what it is! I remembered the name as soon as I read your comments. Thanks for jogging my failing/aging memory! I did see the bloom 2 mornings really early when i let the dogs out. It sure doesn't have much support! I stuck a piece of the plant into a pot with soil and it is growing wonderfully. That was exciting.

Gail said...

Diana, Night blooming flowers are a treat. I am glad you were spared any damage, but I sure had wished that my Austin buddies would get much needed rain!
Have a good week,

Lisa at Greenbow said...

What delights you have in your garden Diana. A night blooming cereus and a palm grown by seed are such treasures. I rarely have luck with seeds.

Lee17 said...

How cool is that sago sprout?!? Awesome! I never even thought to try and grow one from seed. Color me impressed ;)I hope yours makes it all the way into the garden.

Diana said...

Gail - It amazes me that Mr. McGregor's Daughter got more from the hurricane than we did!

Lisa - I usually stink at seeds, too, so this is a shock for me!

Lee17 -- I'm thrilled, but you're right - it has yet to make it into the garden!!! I shouldn't count my chickens!