The ugly side of Summer...

Bonnie, at Kiss of Sun, posted about the sad and sagging plants in her hot Central Texas garden, and thus inspired me to post my dying plant pictures, too!

So, here is a lovely garden tour of the hot, dry, or dying plants in my veggie garden. The top photo is half-dead tomato plants with a few dessicated marigolds around the perimeter.
Here are some more dehydrating tomatoes!
The lush, green plant is a malabar spinach, and the white, paper-like leaves are the remnants of the wonderful cucumbers we had earlier in the season.
This is the biggest casualty of our vacation -- this tomatillo completely gave up the ghost while we were gone. I spent about an hour out there today cutting all the dead stalks off and then pulling it out of the ground. There's a tomato growing under it, so it now occupies that cage and maybe it will be happier with some room to grow.

What you can't really see is the prolific Cypress vines that continue to HAUNT me!

I jokingly told Bonnie that I think when the earth stops spinning, only cockroaches and Cypress vines will remain! The one, measly little vine that I planted last year is trying to come back by the thousands and just won't give up. But I am bound and determined to win, so I just keep plucking them out of the ground, otherwise they will choke everything in the garden. They are definitely POT only plants (like mint!).

So, what's dying in your hot, summer garden?!!

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