A little German Garden...

About 20 minutes outside of Cologne, Germany, in the quaint little town of Weilerswist, we spent 4 days with my cousin and her husband.

He is an avid gardener, and has a beautiful garden We spent many hours on their lovely patio, taking in the view (and a little wine, and sauerbraten and herring salad and lots of other yummy traditional fare.)

While walking around the area, we saw many gorgeous gardens. I was surprised to find that most of the plants were actually familiar.

Their gardening style is quite different, and the gardens don't look much like mine or my neighbors', but I do know and grow most of the plants that I saw there.

Even though I am back home again, I thought I'd share with you a little sampling of my German garden tour!

Now that you've wandered through with me, do you recognize all of these -- are you growing any of them in your garden today?