Garden mish-mash...

These are a few of my newest little knick knacks in the garden.  No baby birds live here, but I do have a little red Cypress Vine that's climbed up the fence and is trying to find a room!  

(Actually, I think I might want to plug the hole rather than inviting birds to live IN my vegetable garden -- what do you think?!)

On that note, I thought this ceramic Mr. Cardinal was a clever way to keep some less-than-friendly friends out of my garden and make me smile at the same time.

His real-life cousin lives on the other side of our yard in the woods, where he frequents the many feeders my DH fills.  He also occasionally pecks at my windows in a very unfriendly fashion, for which I manage to forgive him since I have been wholly unsuccessful at detering him!

Well, this little cuke was green and healthy a week ago when I ripped out the rest of the cucumber vine.  I left a few vines since this seemed to be ok.
Clearly it isn't ok!  Don't know what it has, but it is an unhappy plant, that's for sure!
But take a look at her neighbor.  This is my Malabar Spinach, and it is taking over.  And it's not just taking over my garden, I think it has designs on our whole neighborhood and maybe even Austin!
Whatever got the cuke sure didn't get this girl.  She's gonna find herself a window and come in the house pretty soon!
Hmmm... I guess if my posts start to sound strange soon, you'd better check to see if she's a body snatcher that's taken me over because of my gardening weaknesses!

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