A few of my favorite things...

This is a little peek into the small bed I created this Spring for the Day Lilies.  It's outside of one of our breakfast room windows, and shares the space with our air conditioners, but it's turned out delightful.  The corner is nurturing three Cassia's which will soon be in beautiful bloom.  In the center is a Hyacinth Bean vine, and the left corner is home to a Variegated Hibiscus.
On the lower right side are two Indigo Spires, trying to hide the lattice fence around the air conditioners.
And this is one of my two Durantas just across the walkway from the hibiscus.  

I have to say, the Lilies have not turned out to be what I imagined.  There only seem to be two colors, when I'd ordered 4 distinctly different colors and two heights of each, at that.  Just another reminder that I'm not in charge...when it comes to Mother Nature, or catalog orders, for that matter!

In spite of the heat and drought, I hand water this little bed frequently and it looks lush and lovely and makes me happy when I am sitting at the table.  It's my little corner of paradise these days!

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