Cause and effect...

I walked all around my garden beds this morning, inspecting the cause and effect of the recent rains. So many things are just jumping up and down in the garden, saying, "look at ME, look at ME!"

So I thought I'd share my observations with you today.

Fellow Austin garden blogger Lori, of The Gardener of Good and Evil, just posted lovely photos of all her blooming Datura plants. She has six of them and I can't imagine how huge they must be.

The recent rains have brought dozens of buds to my two plants (one planted, one volunteer), so I thought I would share the promise of blooms.

This is a Mealy Blue Sage that has been sad and pasty-colored all through this hot summer, bu today it is a vibrant blue-purple color. It clearly likes temperatures that are only in the 90s and it loves the rain.

The Verbena is always more colorful after a nice rain.
The trailing Lantana and the Blackfoot Daisy are checking out each other's neighborhoods!
This Cape Honeysuckle that I insist on keeping in a pot for orange on the deck (which isn't really the best way to try to grow it!) LOVES the rain and just explodes with color afterward.
This is my mutant Brugmansia - German Double Pink. I can only report that from the order I placed, since I have yet to see it bloom and some critter has been EATING the leaves all the way up the stem. I hope it survives. I haven't seen anyone on it.

And, of course, I have lots of WEEDS who are saying "look at ME, look at ME, too." But I'll spare you the pictures of those!

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