Bloom Day!

It's hot and steamy in Austin, Texas this Garden Blogger's Bloom Day when Carol from May Dreams Gardens brings bloggers around the world together to share a peek into their gardens.

We had RAIN today at our house!!!! We got a quarter of an inch in a very short time and it was a blessing. I'm not commenting on the fact that the downpour happened exactly when I walked out of the grocery sstore with a cart full of food. I just smiled and let it plaster my hair to my head, being mindful of how much we need it and how long I've been hoping for it.

We're supposed to get more tomorrow, and on through the next week, and I say, bring it on!

So here is a glimpse into some of the plants that I
am enjoying in my garden today.

I won't post them all, these are the nicest right now

Cape Honeysuckle loves a big, long drink and rewards
me with vivid,over-the-top orange flowers.
They aren't blooms but they are beautiful!I love these
Caladiums that add texture and color and interest to my shady garden bed.
These zippy Zinnias are a rush of color in the middle of my rock pathway.
More splashes of sunshine in my pathway -- here a Purslane
and a Moss Rose make friends!
And a yellow Purslane is their neighbor in the pathway.
The Turk's Cap in the dappled shade bed
is blooming all over,
and doesn't seem to mind the heat.

Tall and flowing Esperanza -- it peeks over the
Day Lily fenceand I get glimpses of it from the other side!
Happy Rosemary, reveling in these arid conditions!
Regal Purple Duranta draping gracefully.
Perky variegated red Hibiscus waves at the plants all around her!

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