Big sky ...

Oh, my.  This morning's sky was so beautiful that I had to run back inside and get the camera.

We've had clouds and some rain off and on for a week or so.  Some of those late afternoon heat thunderstorms that don't always even produce rains.  

But the skies have been amazing.  

I don't know much about the different kinds of clouds or the weather (I'm pretty much limited to, "it's hot" or it's cold!") but I can sure appreciate the picture-perfect postcards that Mother Nature has given us of late.

When the sky is lit up in orange and pink hues, my late Oma (German Grandmother) would always say, "Die Engel backen Kuchen."  That translates to "the angels are baking cake," which is a lovely saying that we carry on in our family.

Also enjoying this beautiful morning was this lovely young praying mantis, perched on top of the trash can.  (I'm sad to report that when I came home and checked on him, I found only his legs down on the ground...ugh.  Some bird must have had a good breakfast...oh well.)
And here are my attempts at capturing the long view of my Datura all in bloom this morning.  

Dakota had to come see what I was doing out in her yard this morning!

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