We're baaaack!

We've just come back from a wonderful time on the farm in Indiana where we enjoyed cool, crisp nights - 56 one night! - and beautiful days in the upper 70s and low 80s.

We took Flat Stanley with us and tooks lots of pictures so we could share our travels with Kallie's class back home. Here they are in the family barn visiting the horses and down the road enjoying the neighbors' cows.

I absolutely love these wild day lilies that grow all over the country roads throughout Indiana. So wish I had some in my garden, but haven't been able to find any to buy. I thought about dividing a few and tucking them in my suitcase, but decided not to.

This is one of the family wheat fields -- so pretty and about 2-3 days from cutting.

And then we came home to RAIN! Glorious rain! We had 1/2 inch this week, which we so desperately needed.