Sunny in Salzburg!

What a delightful day. Nothing like drenching rain to make you appreciate a pretty, dry day. Woke this morning to the sounds of the street below the window of our hotel, which dates back to 1407.

We wandered around the heart of the old city today, and explored the Dom (cathedral) Residenz Palace, St. Peter's Cemetery and the Mirabelle gardens.

This cemetery is really something to behold, full of lovely flowers and plants and vines, each grave individually planted and cared for by the relatives of those who lie there, as is the European tradition. It inspires a reverence, both because it is the final resting place of many of the city's forebears, but also for the meticulous care of each of these miniature gardens, so lovingly tended.
The Mirabelle Gardens are beautiful, in the true European tradition of formal gardens - carefully sculpted and arranged.

It was sunny and dry all day. We walked and we stopped for a little pastry, and we walked a little more and stopped for a little more pastry!

Tomorrow - more walking, sightseeing and pastry!

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