Rain, rain, go away!

The sun was done in Salzburg this morning, and the rain returned. But after a good breakfast, we were on the road again for the long trek back to Germany -- destination: Heidelberg.

All over both Germany and Austria, we saw fields -- some large, some small -- of rows of fresh flowers where you can cut your own! I guess it's like I'm used to seeing the pick your own berry places (and they have them too - amazing strawberries all around Bavaria).

Thought you'd find that interesting. The only thing more fun than going to my own garden to pick flowers fresh would be walking down the street to pick them from someone else who's sweated and anguished over them!

It rained on us most of the day and we were on the Autobahn all day, in and out of construction and lots of traffic -- both vacation and commerce. Lots of trucks.

We also make an unplanned stop at the concentration camp memorial at Dachau. It was very solemn and moving. But we were all very glad we realized how close we were to it and went and found it.