More from Trier...

Most of the churches we've seen on this trip have been Baroque in style, but on our way out of Trier, we stopped to see the city's famous Rococo church.

This is the St. Paulinus Church, which looks very simple, albeit elegant, from the outside. Only the ornate doorway gives a little hint of the amazing decor inside.

These beautifully preserved churches are amazing, not only for the craftsmanship and the talent they display, as well as all the years in the making, but I am also in awe of the idea of the wealth and power of the church in those times, when it was also the center of government.

Here you see my little munchkin dwarfed by the grandeur of it all.

And then we left for Weilerswist and my cousin's house. Here Kallie is getting a tour of the garden when we arrive. If I can manage the techno piece when my husband leaves this week, I will have many more garden photos to come! Wish me luck on that!

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