Ok -- no photos, (and slightly less than the thousand words I oughta have for being photo-less), but here's a funny critter update!

I was weeding and picking veggies in the garden, butt planted on a plastic stool, when Mr. Rat Snake decided to slither ACROSS MY FOOOOOOOT!


Across my foot.

I screamed. He was terrified. Ssssssslithered away into the garden's rock border.

I sighed, knowing he was harmless, and kept picking green beans.

(Secretly kinda proud of myself, not for screaming, but for sitting tight and dealing. I may have screamed like a girl, but I didn't run. I figure that's worth something.)

Then this morning I caught Mr. Squirrel burrowing in the mulch and then he rolled over and wriggled around, scratching his back in it. I suspect he and his band of brothers might be my hole-diggers. (It's my most appealing guess, at this point!)

And, YIPPEEE SKIPPEEE, we had a 1/2 inch of rain today and it dropped the temp from 98 to 75.

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