Monday, July 7, 2008


Ok -- no photos, (and slightly less than the thousand words I oughta have for being photo-less), but here's a funny critter update!

I was weeding and picking veggies in the garden, butt planted on a plastic stool, when Mr. Rat Snake decided to slither ACROSS MY FOOOOOOOT!


Across my foot.

I screamed. He was terrified. Ssssssslithered away into the garden's rock border.

I sighed, knowing he was harmless, and kept picking green beans.

(Secretly kinda proud of myself, not for screaming, but for sitting tight and dealing. I may have screamed like a girl, but I didn't run. I figure that's worth something.)

Then this morning I caught Mr. Squirrel burrowing in the mulch and then he rolled over and wriggled around, scratching his back in it. I suspect he and his band of brothers might be my hole-diggers. (It's my most appealing guess, at this point!)

And, YIPPEEE SKIPPEEE, we had a 1/2 inch of rain today and it dropped the temp from 98 to 75.


Lori said...

Congratulations for not running for the hills! I can't tell one snake from another down here, so I probably would have assumed that it could kill me and then freaked the heck out. ;)

And yay for the rain! I've finally gotten a measurable amount. All of the other little showers the rest of the Austinites have reported over the last week or so managed to pass me by.

Diana said...

Lori - well, i've had lots of snake experience - I've even shot two rattlesnakes at our last house, so I know who is and isn't dangerous! And this is our third snake in as many weeks. I giant grass snake in the garage, and then I saw one just like this one in the back bed last week - and they are very distinctly identifiable. Glad you got rain - it was nice, wasn't it?

Christine said...

OOOOOOOOOOO, I would have pulled my foot up real fast and then fell backwards, probably. I haven't seen them in the yard, but our cats are hunters and I hope have scared them all off.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Nothing like a snake crossing your path to get the ole blood to pumping. No photos needed for your description is quite enough. I probably would have done the same screech only I probably would have done the 'snake dance'. Ha...

Gail said...

Well you were surprised weren't you, you're allowed to scream in surprise!

I welcome snakes...they help keep the rodent population can't tell by my yard, though! There is so much woodland in the wayback that they hang out there.

We are getting some rain...not much but it helps!


Diana said...

Christine -- Well, I have a dog, but I fenced him OUT of the garden! Guess I'm on my own.

Lisa - My blood was pumping all right!!! Not much room to do the "snake dance" as my path rows are very narrow. Mostly likely then I would have fallen on my *&^# and done some more screeching!

Gail - I don't mind the safe snakes and we don't have many here. Our previous house had rattlesnakes - I personally shot 2 big ones and hoed the heads off of countless little ones in 4 years!

Glad you got some rain. We had an inch so far this week - whoo hoo!

Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

I would have run for it. Snakes on feet bad, very very bad.

Diana said...

Aunt Debbi - oh - don't get me wrong, I still think snakes on feet are VERY VERY BAD!!!

getgrounded said...

I agree...snakes in garden=good. Snakes on body parts=bad! I would have screamed and then decided I needed a break with some sort of spa treatment as a reward for being so brave...(I'll take any excuse).
Robin at Getting Grounded