Monday, July 28, 2008

A castle around every corner!

Traveling along the Rhine River from Frankfurt toward Cologne last week, we simply couldn't keep up with the cameras. There was a castle (or two) around every corner. Some small ruins and some fully preserved.

You can't really tell from the pictures, but the Rhine really is a massive, fast-moving river. We saw many barges transporting materials up and down the river, going through locks and keeping commerce moving in a very traditional manner.


Gail said...

Every little girl's dream to visit a castle...did your daughter love it?

Lisa at Greenbow said...

What fun what fun. As most postcards say... I wish I was there.

Bob said...

Through a student exchange with my niece's school, we had a German lady and her daughters visit us. She was an avid gardener and we got along great. She told me that the Rhine is so polluted that swimming was not allowed and there was no fish in it. I found it quite hard to believe and was wondering if you if you knew? From your pictures it looks so beautiful and is so hard to believe.

Annie in Austin said...

It's been fun being tourists along with you, Diana. The idea of a castle around every corner seems funny until you think how many centuries people have been building them along the Rhine.

Have a safe trip and pick up sunblock on your way back - it's pretty awful here in Austin!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Diana said...

Gail - she did love it. We got to tour two of them, both very different, one a ruin and one a fully preserved baroque work of art. I'm so glad she doesn't think they are PINK!!!

Lisa - Even though I was glad to get home, I wish I was back there, too!

Bob - I'll have to check on that with my relatives. No one mentioned it while we were there this time or previous visits.

Annie - I know - the history is stunning. I'm about to read the "sequel" to Pillars of the Earth, which I absolutely loved. I think students would love history if they could all go see some of these amazing things for themselves first!