A picture...

Is worth a thousand words, but unfortunately, I don't have one.  

But I have to share this with you.  Emmie (or Lulu, take your pick), one of the two yearling does that has been living behind our house, nibbling on the septic field, and RAVASHING my plants every once in a while, paid us an up close and personal visit tonight.

Kallie and I were eating dinner, watching the birds outside eat their dinner and commenting on the occasional hummer.  When all of a sudden, Emmie stepped gingerly up to the bird bath, tipped her head and took a long, slow drink.  She stood there for a good 10 minutes.  We quit eating, quit moving, quit talking, because she was watching us inside the house.  We avoided eye contact, even, because, as I told Kallie, she needs that drink and we don't want to scare her off.

After she wandered off into the woods and even before I'd finished my dinner, I quietly went outside to fill 4 birdbaths to the brim and fill the big metal dog water bowl I'd placed in the woods for the animals.  No more signs of her this evening.

This was so amazing, because it was hot, full, sunny daylight and she was so close to our world.  It lets you know how much they are suffering.  

Annie's comment to my post last night put my heart back in the right place.  If they need some juicy plants to eat, they can have mine for a while.