Sunday, June 22, 2008

Oh exotic Nile Goddess, we await you!

Doesn't she look just like some ancient Egyptian Nile Goddess?

This is my purple Agapanthus, or Lily of the Nile, just waiting for the perfect moment to make her official entry into my garden.

I have two winding rows of them in the back bed and have had hit or miss luck. Some of the clusters of leaves are big and bold and beautiful and some are still as puny as when I planted them last year.

(Read: I am not in charge. I am not in charge...)

But I can't help but get excited when they start to bloom. Even if the blooms are crooked and mutant-looking like this one below!

I had trouble with the allium as well -- maybe it's an orb thing!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Funny Diane, I can't seem to grow Alliums. Must be the soil. I have also heard that our winters don't get cold enough. Hmmmmm

Diana said...

Well, Lisa, if YOUR winters don't get cold enough I know for SURE we can't grow them here!!!!!

Annie in Austin said...

The agapanthus are hit or miss with me too, Diane. Some spindly plants put up a couple of heads while other large, green and bouncy ones never bloom. But I won't worry about that since I'm also not in charge!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Lee17 said...

My agapanthus do the same thing! One is a big ol' thing and the other, well, it is just a tiny clump of strappy leaves. They were both the same size when I planted them and are planted 6 feet apart! What is up with those crazy agapanthus?!? I am at the mercy of nature. *sigh*

Diana said...

Annie ... my problem is that I still TRY to be in charge! I just need to give it up once and for all!

I have the exact same agapanthus problem. All planted at the same time, same conditions, same water. Who knows?!

Carol said...

I have several alliums that are quite happy in my garden, blooming each spring and early summer. I have some others ready to bloom any day now.

But I've never tried agapanthus. Hardy here? I don't know but if it wasn't, it would surely grow in a container.

Carol, May Dreams Gardens

Diana said...

Carol - well, I love alliums - they seem so exotic to me. You'll have to post pictures of them so I can get my "fix."

Lori said...

I have lousy luck with alliums as well. This year I got sick of waiting for my never-bothered-to-flower agapanthus to bloom, and bought a bunch of them in full, spectacular bloom at Home Depot. At least I'll have something to enjoy in the front yard until all of those new plants fill in!

Diana said...

Lori - that's smart. Now I have some tall ones blooming and then some stopped completely short and I have these little stubs that have lopsided purple blooms, but they won't open all big and round like they are supposed to. They don't get enough sun and I know that. That must be it. Sigh. I should drive by and look at yours!