Not your mother's mellow yellow!

Like a bolt of lightning, it hit me this week that I really like yellow in my garden. And I have a lot of it.

I'm off tomorrow on a trip for four days of glorious fun with girlfriends and my other passion - scrapbooking! So, here's a nice, cheery slice of sunshine to share with you before I go.

No more whining about the wildlife or the heat (for the time being!). I'm off to the air-conditioned comfort of the Houston Westin Hotel and Galleria Mall. Did I mention I'd be shopping, too?!
Mexican Hat
oh - this is native and I can't remember the name ... help Texan bloggers?
Variegated Ginger
Oh - again, aging brain - these are those little Callia.....
somethings that are so popular....

That's my show for the day. No deer damage or sightings. Bird baths and water bowls are all full to the brim. Have a great weekend ~ Ciao!