Thursday, June 12, 2008


Imagine my surprise when I was watering last night and found this little lovely night bloom coming open on my Datura.

It's especially nice, because we are hosting Supper Underground here in our back yard on Saturday night with about 30 people coming for dinner. Our guests for the evening will be able to enjoy the pretty white blooms and their sweet fragrance. Thanks, guys!
While I love the Purple coneflower, I'm always intrigued by the white -- here you see the first of three that have returned from last year.
Isn't the light pretty on these Wisteria seed pods? Wonder if I would have any luck planting some...have you ever tried?


Lori said...

One of my daturas is blooming, too. It looks like you had a lot more luck getting a photo of yours-- I had to get my roommate to get his expensive camera and take a picture for me.

They smell incredible, don't they? The scent reminds me a bit of winter honeysuckle.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I found my first datura blossom last evening too Diana. They are great company entertainment.

Gail said...

Must get Datura! Must have smaller party!


beckie said...

How lovely! Is that the same as a moon flower(she asks in her in her less than knowledgeable about plants way.)? I have just planted a moon flower vine by my back door training it up on of he lightening rods we saved off the roof. Great show for your party.

Diana said...

Lori- I just happened to be watering one evening before it got too dark - I lucked out! They do smell great.

Lisa - How cool - it's fun isn't it -- to be far away and in a different climate and still share some of the same neat things. It's why I love blogging - that connection.

Gail - you'll love a Datura, and they grow like crazy - - give it space if you get one!

Beckie - Nope, I don't think it is the same. A moon flower vine is something different, though it has similar characteristics. I was thinking of getting one for a new trellis this spring, but opted for Purple Hyacinth Bean Vine instead. Good luck with your moon flower.