The menu...

The menu was a salad of Hostas and Angel Wing begonias with a sprinkling of  Spiderwort, Toad lilies, Winecup.   Dessert was Delphinium with some Sunflower tops and, thank goodness, only one Rudbeckia bloom (they must not have been tasty).

Okay, so you're thinking - WHY did she serve all of that?

Well, the deer USUALLY don't bother things very often.  One thing here and there gets eaten.  

Well, even an old dog like me can learn, so, the salad bar is closed.

I'll try to relocate the things I can move behind the fence, and hang the angel wing in a back yard tree.  

I'm having bad garden karma these days ... is there any cure for that?  Some charm or potion or herb I can ingest to "right" myself?  

It was 100 yesterday and is predicted to hit 99 today, so I may just tire myself out for a break anyway.  Even more frustrating, since I'm hand watering for an hour every day right now!

On a BRIGHT note, I was delighted to find a new little sago palm frond growing up from an old seed that froze in the winter.    Love those little garden surprises.