Saturday, June 21, 2008

Meet our Emmie!

This little beauty is Emmie, one of our resident deer. Yes, you've heard me blog furiously about plants pulled out and eaten to the nubs, but the severe drought has softened my heart.

We are seeing her from our breakfast room where she has come to nibble on a few seeds from the bird feeders and to get a drink of water from the birdbath that's just right behind her. I'm also keeping a giant dog bowl of water out there for her and her sister Lulu.
After her nice drink, she headed back to the septic field behind the woods to have an afternoon snack of some well fertilized grass. She really likes the grass because it's greener than many of her other food sources these days.

I'm thinking about feeding her deer corn. Just thinking. I'll let you know how that turns out in my brain!


beckie said...

I suppose it is hard to stay mad at them when you know they are suffering. Seems like there should be a happy medium there somewhere.

dinzie said...

It makes it so much harder when you name them ....... :O)

Nice to see though :O)


Lisa at Greenbow said...

You will be sorry if you start feeding them. It is nice to give them water. I agree that once you name them you are hooked.

Shellmo said...

Aww...I say feed them some corn - such a beautiful creature. (It might work out as a good bribe to stay out of your garden.)

Diana said...

beckie - It is hard to be mad at them. And I figure it's my fault for planting the occasional thing that I haven't "checked" for deer. I am the one with the bigger brain, after all!!!

Dinzie - Yeah, guess they become more like pets if you name 'em. Hadn't thought about that. But they are here all the time.

Lisa - yeah - I have a neighbor who feeds them daily and spend a ton on corn and has lots and lots of them.

Shellmo - Think I will stick to watering them. And since they like my septic grass, I guess I AM feeding them, in a way!