Friday, June 27, 2008

The many faces of Lantana...

Ah, the many varied faces of the Lantana in my garden.

This time of year they are in full bloom -- amazingly happy in the stifling heat that has so many other plants withering on the vine.

And while I secretly find them a little ordinary (ssshhhh... don't tell them) they consistently perform for me under the toughest drought conditions.

So, here's to you -- all the Lantanas out there -- who bring bright, hot color to our very hot gardens in the middle of the Texas summer!
Can you believe this one is called "horrida?"
It's native and grows really well, but what a horrible name!
Trailing Lantana
New Gold
Maybe more horrida, though it looks red to me, not orange so I'm not sure.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

I didn't realize there were so many colors of lantana. They are so good in dry sunny situations. I wish they were perennial here but not so.

beckie said...

I love the look of them, colors as well as foliage, but AHGGGG, I'm allergic! So thanks for letting me look but not touch.

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures of the Lantana, one of my favorites. They just grow and look good where anything else would die. I tend toward the natives a lot and have the orange and yellow and the pink and yellow.
I like your blog, very nice. Visit mine sometime, I think you would like it, Draco Gardens. It's on blogspot. Bob Pool

Diana said...

Lisa - I never thought of them not being perennial! That's what I love about them - they come back very consistently -- unless we get a hard freeze. (which, for us, is somewhere around the high 20's -- like 27!)

Beckie -- interesting - so sorry you're allergic. When I prune them, they do make my arms itchy itchy -- wonder if I have a dash of that? Never thought about being allergic. Are you allergic to any other plants?

Bob -- thanks for the kind words on my blog. I'm getting ready to leave town today for 5 days, so I'll check out your blog when I arrive and have some down time to surf and enjoy.

Robin said...

I'm envious of your lantana; I planted 3 different kinds this year, and my yard just doesn't get enough sun in any one spot for them to bloom much. I really like them, but alas, no blooms.
And, I'm wondering if the holes in your yard might be mice? I have a few of those holes appearing myself. I've seen small garden snakes, but no really big ones here, so I don't think it's that. And my kitty does find mice occasionally and brings it to me as a delightful (not) gift.
Robin at Getting Grounded

Gail said...

I like Confetti....good colors. There are work horses in warmer gardens. There were Lantana bushes in the town of Folly Beach...5 feet tall! Ours are sort of whimpy but they sure add color in the dry summer when not much else is blooming.


Diana said...

Robin - I rather that they NOT be mice, bu it could be. Although we do have two very predatory stray cats next door that my neighbor adopted and they get birds sometimes. Too bad you don't have enough sun for the lantana, but then I often wish for more shade...the grass is always greener in someone else's garden!

Gail - confetti is my favorite as well. I can't imagine one 5 feet tall, though. I've never seen anything like that!

Christine said...

I absolutely love Lantana! I love the hot pink, I haven't seen that color around here yet.

Christine said...

I absolutely love Lantana! I love the hot pink, I haven't seen that color around here yet.

Lori said...

Wow, you have quite a few varieties of lantana! Weirdly, none of mine has started blooming yet. Have you seen many butterflies on yours this year?

Diana said...

Lori - these are the ones in full sun that are blooming. The others that I have in mixed sun are still slow. I do have butterflies, but less than usual. I was reading about that -- but since pretty much all of my plants are bee/butterfly/hummingbird attracting plants, I've done my part!