A little bit of this, a little bit of that...

I bought this variegated hibiscus several months ago and have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of its mystery blooms.

I had no idea what color they would be, but I fell in love with the beautiful foliage. It's in the corner of the Day Lily bed, which will soon be full of many different colors, so I figured it would go with anything.

And three of the lilies are about to bloom - I think they will be the lemon-yellow ones - yummy!
Wow. I was floored this morning when I walked outside and found that my Saucer hibiscus had produced not one, but two, beautiful blooms.
The deer will most certainly eat them, as this was a last summer experiment that proved that eat even our native hibiscus varieties, not just the tropical ones. So, I rushed in to get the camera and show you!
We've had a phenomenal heat wave here - 15 days over 100 degrees already and it isn't even Summer yet. But today we got a break. Cloud cover and a few sprinkles came on the edge of a front. (The real rain missed us -- again.) And it was 86 when I went out a little while ago. What a relief.

We're sending prayers to our neighbors in the Midwest who are suffering in the rain and the floods. Our family up there had some flooding in their business and had to move horses from the barn to higher ground, but mercifully it didn't last too long and the clean up is manageable so far.

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