Monday, May 19, 2008

Beans, beans ... you know the rest!

What a delight. I spent yesterday harvesting in the veggie garden. I got a giant bowl of green beans, collard greens, spinach and the last 3 radishes.

The green beans were delicious, as were the collards. Radishes and spinach will go in tonight's salad.

We have many tomatoes - but they are still very green. It's already getting hot here, so I'm worried about whether the blooms will continue to set very well. (I admit I bought some bloom set spray. I'm not sure if that works, but I REALLY want tomatoes!)

I found some more blooms on the strawberries, too, so we might have another small helping of those soon.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to Vanillalotus at New Sprout for solving my mysteries from the last post. She tells me:

The lily is called a Jacobean Lily, or Aztec Lily. It's latin name is Sprekelia formosissima. Here is a website with more information at Daves Garden.

The cool-looking moth is a giant/great leopard moth.

What a wonderful thing - to have you gardening friends as a resource for tips and troubles and to indentify those mysteries that pop up in our gardens periodically.

Thanks for all your ideas and help!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Yes, it is all your fault we will have to have green beans for dinner tonight. They won't taste as fresh as your green beans but they will be tasty.

Diana said...

Lisa - Well, you just enjoy your green beans. Do you make them with lots of bacon and onion? Yum. I think the way my grandmother cooked them probably washes out the health benefits of the green vegetable, but they sure taste good that way!

Lori said...

Man, next year I need to find a spot to grow some green beans. Or wax beans. I haven't eaten those in YEARS. When did you plant yours?

Diana said...

Lori - I planted the green beans on March 24 on that cute little teepee trellis that I bought at the Natural Gardener. They're bush beans and they've stayed pretty compact so you don't need much room - you could just stick them in a bed with some spring holes! One year I planted tomatoes in between shrubs because it was the 1st year in our house and we hadn't made a veggie garden yet - best tomato crop I ever had! They were 6-7 feet tall and at the end of the second, fall crop, I picked 200+ tomatoes the night before our first freeze! Crazy. How's the front design and planting going?

Gail said...


Don't forget you can make Fried Green Tomatoes with your green tomatoes but you may not want to do that yet!

Wow, all you vegie people keep edging me closer to trying a few.


Diana said...

Gail - good suggestion. Thanks for reminding me about delicious fried green tomatoes. I usually save making a batch of them until I am overwhelmed with too many tomatoes. Right now we don't have as many as normal -- our nights warmed up quickly this spring and the blooms aren't setting very well. I hope it cools down again. We had 101 yesterday - ugh!

austin urban gardener said...

how exciting to finally enjoy tasting the fruits of your efforts! we have some tomatoes (also still green) and one yellow squash forming. Our peas don't look so good after the hail storm.

hope you enjoy the beans! they looked crisp and delicious.

Diana said...

Austin Urban Gardener - Sorry about your peas. We missed most of that storm - got rain and wind and a broken patio table (my fault for leaving the umbrella up -duh!) but my plants all escaped unharmed. They are struggling more with this week's 101 degrees!

Shellmo said...

What a great garden! I'm now in the mood for some green bean casserole...