Well, this is right up the "I'm not in charge" alley again.  But, it's my own fault.  Last week I was gardening out front and along the driveway and my daughter had 3 friends over playing in a sand and water table.  When I ran out of things to plant that would allow me to continue to watch them, I thought, to myself:

"Myself, what the heck - why don't you just plant those dahlias in this little hole along the front walk, instead of in the back yard in the corner?  They've been sitting in the garage for weeks and really need to go in the ground."

This is what I said to myself.

So I planted them.  

And THEN, I looked at the label.


Unllike Dahlias I have had many times before, Dahlias that were about 18" - 24", THESE Dahlias, are 48 freaking inches tall.  

Yes. 4 feet tall.  NOT what needs to go along this tiny stip of walkway where I have been trying deperately to eradicate the 4 foot-tall salvia that came before me.

Sigh.  So, it's operator error yet again and now at the top of my to-do list is "Move Dahlias to the back."

(I suppose I could be in charge if I would just read the label!)

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