Nothing.  That's what's left of the scattered wildflowers blooming, the salvia I dug up and transplanted and have been hand watering daily and the beautiful little 1 foot crepe myrtle tree that I transplanted as a volunteer this winter.

Because we have over an acre, we have guys come mow our lawn.  And I have had a new crew for the last 6 months.  And twice in the last month, they have sheared every single CLEARLY evident bloom off my butterfly bush and other shrubs and turned them into meatballs, after repeated requests that they simply NOT PRUNE in my yard.  And today while I was watering, I looked for my little babies and realized they mowed the pathway and weed-eated along the fence and obliterated it all.

So, right now I am in tears.  It wasn't that much, but it's the principle and it's work I did with my own two hands, trying to build something from scratch.  I don't know if anyone else will really get it, but I know you will.  I just had to vent.

Tomorrow I'll call them and try to figure out a way to make this work.  I know they were only trying to be helpful, but this isn't helping.