Mystery Challenge!

Ok, garden experts! I need help. This lily (I am assuming it is a lily of sorts) is stunningly beautiful. But I have no idea what it is. The entire stem is bright red, unlike the daylilies I know. Do you know what it might be?

I've done some google searches and come up empty. I'd love to have your ideas to search through. It lives in dappled shade, gets good water and the soil is probably mostly black clay so I think it's pretty hearty in that sense.

I planted them at our previous house and loved them so much that I divided them and brought these with me. I'd love to have more, but that would require a name!

Any ideas?

Ok - mystery #2 of the day! I found this amazing moth in our outdoor kitchen, where he/she hung out all day long in this spot. Must have been cozy! It looks like something you'd draw when you were doodling. Any idea what it might be?
And these are not mysterious at all, just pretty! Had to share a shot of my morning glories in their full morning glory! Don't they look happy?

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