More friends and neighbors

Just wanted you to meet some more of our friends.  This is Mr. Cardinal, who sings me a lovely song every morning.  (Don't tell anyone, but I chirp back to him.)
Here is one of our many Anoles -- darting around the palm fronds trying to keep himself hidden from birds and other predators.
And this is Miss Hummer.  Isn't she delicate?  Tonight she and two of her friends came and had dinner with us.  My husband put this feeder just outside our breakfast room window so we can sit quietly and enjoy them.

Tonight we also had 3 yearling does come to eat grass on the septic tank for dinner, but I didn't get any shots of them.  All these photos were courtesy of my husband and his fabulous new camera lens.  I'm so grateful he helped me out by getting some pictures, as I'm still sick with a sinus infection and have no will to do much of anything.  There sure wouldn't be any post without his help tonight.

I am assuming that these are also the does who ate the flowers off of my new phlox planted at the end of the driveway.  Kallie and I went to the mailbox and discovered a cluster of flowers lying in the grass and then found that the phlox had been eaten down to the nubs.  I wasn't sure when I bought them if they would be safe, so I guess I now have my answer!

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