Thursday, May 22, 2008!

For all my Austin (and neighboring) garden blogging friends:  These two hose reels are free to a good home if you will come and pick them up!  First one to email and ask for them wins!

(Those of you in Indiana, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Maryland, Louisiana and the rest of the world are also certainly welcome to come get them!!!)

We are the proud parents of two new reels that retract automatically, and with tendonitis in both elbows, that's a Godsend to me since cranking is really hard on my arms.  But these two are in great shape, and I thought there'd be no one better to bequeath them to than one of my garden blogging friends.

So, first come, first served!


Lori said...

Aw, man. Now I wish I'd waited a month to get the identical hose reel that's now in my back yard!

Christine said...

If only I lived closer.... Your garden looks great!

Isabelle said...

Great Blog - and garden!

What type of automatic hose reel did you choose (mfg./make/model)? Are you happy with it? I've been looking but can't decide.

Gail said...


Any takers? I love dragging my hoses all over the place..ha!

Hope your doing well and how are your darlings?


Diana said...

Lori - oh - I'm so sorry about that. I was hoping you could use them since you're so close!

Christine - thanks for the kind words about my garden. It's so fun, isn't it?

Isabelle - I bought one at Lowes and it's the one in the box - holds the biggest hose and it has self-tracking. I do like it - it's a ReelSmart, no crank. It is such a difference on my arm!

Gail - No one yet, and I so wanted to share them with a blogging friend...makes me sad : / Life is good - Kallie and I went to a Mother Daughter Camp for the holiday weekend and climbed mountains and rode horses and had fun (and sweated - cabins with no AC)! Thanks for asking -- Diana

Lori said...

Diana - I'm thinking I might rip out the Gruss An Aachen rose in front of the faucet, so I might have room for one of these after all. God knows I'm sick of the hoses snaking all over my front yard. Do you still have'm?

Diana said...

Lori - I do have 'em and you are welcome to one or both. Email me and we'll make it happen!

Robin said...

I'm with you on getting rid of those crank hose reels. Too much work for long hoses and aging elbows!

(Wait, did I say aging? Sheesh.)

Robin at Bumblebee

Diana said...

Robin - I'm sure you didn't mean aging, but rather tender elbows. That sounds so much better, doesn't it?!

Bonnie said...

Hate to tell you but I have the auto rewind ones. I loved them for about 6 months. The rewind is not the problem. It's pulling out the hose. It just got harder and harder and harder. I decided last week to trash them because they are so annoying now when I want to pull the hose out.

Diana said...

Hmmmmm...that doesn't sound promising. I'll keep my fingers crossed that they keep working, but I did have a kink in the process today....hope that isn't a sign of things to come.