Daylilies Done!

Mothere Nature and Daylilies clearly don't care if you're sick, as you can see by the yellowing lilies above. They arrived on Friday and today I finally had to tough it out and go plant them. I hope they didn't suffer too much.
I spent several evenings with the catalog, looking at different varieties and trying to decide on a plan. When they bloom, I should have a rainbow of vibrant colors in two different heights. This is truly an experiment, so I have my fingers crossed.
How about these little limes? I can just taste the iced tea, mojitos and fresh pico de gallo we'll enjoy with these babies when they ripen.
The caladiums have popped up in the shade garden and bring a bright, light look to this dark bed.
White Daytura coming back after a long winter's nap.

Now, that's what I need -- a nap. But not this afternoon.

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